Exploring the Natural Charm of Fundo Pedrito: An Unmissable Tourist Destination in Iquitos

Exploring the Natural Charm of Fundo Pedrito: An Unmissable Tourist Destination in Iquitos


The mysterious and fascinating Amazon rainforest has always captivated adventurous travelers and nature enthusiasts alike. In the northern region of Peru, specifically in Iquitos, lies a highly recognized and enchanting tourist spot: Fundo Pedrito. This animal rescue center is located on the banks of the majestic Amazon River, approximately 40 minutes from our embarkation point, situated in the lower part of the Boulevard de Iquitos, on the first block of Napo Street.


A Private Sanctuary for Rescue and Conservation:


Fundo Pedrito, being a private location, opens its doors to the public to offer a unique experience in the heart of the jungle. With a strong focus on the conservation and protection of Amazonian fauna, this center has become a safe haven for animals rescued by the Ecological Police. From majestic birds to playful monkeys, each of these animals finds temporary shelter in Fundo Pedrito while recovering from challenging situations.

Expert guides provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about Amazonian wildlife, their habitats, and the conservation efforts implemented to ensure their well-being. The close proximity to these animals and their stories of resilience inspire a profound sense of connection with the biodiversity of the Amazon.


A Complete Experience with Amazonian Fauna:


In addition to its focus on animal rescue and conservation, Fundo Pedrito features fish farms that offer a fascinating experience for visitors. Here, you can admire up close some of the most emblematic species of the Amazon, including the imposing paiches, aquatic turtles, and mysterious piranhas. However, the real gem of these fish farms is the famous Victoria Regia Plants, floating leaves of impressive dimensions that complement this visual spectacle with their beauty.


Part of an Unforgettable Thematic Experience:


Fundo Pedrito is a key element in our "Wonderful Fauna" thematic route designed to optimize navigation times and give passengers the opportunity to explore the best points of the Amazon. Strategically located, this place allows our visitors to enjoy a navigation along the Amazon River while immersing themselves in the richness of the Amazonian nature in all its splendor.


An Invitation to Sustainability and Conservation:


With a strong focus on education and awareness, Fundo Pedrito aims to engage visitors in the importance of sustainability and the protection of the Amazonian environment. By visiting this center, travelers have the opportunity to become active advocates for the region's biodiversity and contribute to the preservation of this natural treasure.


In conclusion, Fundo Pedrito is a private and accessible tourist destination that invites nature lovers and adventurers to discover the magic of the Amazon rainforest in a safe and enriching environment. As part of our "Wonderful Fauna" thematic route, this place promises to optimize the Amazon River navigation experience and provide an authentic encounter with Amazonian wildlife. A journey to Fundo Pedrito is a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Amazon and become a passionate advocate for its conservation.



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